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Oil Solutions Step 1 and 2 - 1 Gallon Bottle (Cleans Oil Spill on Water or Hard Surfaces)

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Price: $59.99
Item Number: OSS1GAL
Manufacturer: Oil Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: OSS1GAL
Oil Solutions Step 1 and 2

Oil Solutions Step 1 and 2 - 1 Gallon Bottle

Oil Solutions 100% comprehensive oil clean up, Removes the smell and stain of oil on contact.

Oil Solutions Step 1 / Step 2 is a unique absorbent that remediates and cleans up hydrocarbon spills from hard surfaces and soils. Through a patented microencapsulation process, the hazardous characteristics of the waste such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity, are quickly eliminated. Upon contact the odor of the waste and the stain left behind are also eliminated. This two-part solution rapidly absorbs, emulsifies, and binds spilled materials into a solid, inert, stable white powder. The resulting silica (sand) matrix is resistant to water leaching and effectively locks the hazardous components into a stable, environmentally-safe residue.

Works on: The technology is flexible and can be used to treat a large variety of contaminants ranging from heavy oils and sludge to light fuels and solvents

• Gasoline • Diesel  • Automotive Fluids
• Crude Oil • Jet Fuel • Hydraulic Fluids
• Kerosene • Motor Oils • Paints & Solvents

And removes waste from:

• Concrete • Metal • Painted Surfaces
• Soil • Rock • Paneling
• Wood • Vinyl Siding  • Plants and Grass

The “Green” Benefits:
Compared to existing methods, like polypropylene booms, absorbent pads or clay, which remain hazardous after use, greater savings and environmental consciousness can be realized in hazardous waste handling and disposal due to the non-hazardous nature of the resulting microencapsulated Oil Solutions residue. Oil Solutions additives reduce the total amount of solid wastes and treat the hazards at the scene instead of just mopping it up, packaging it up, and passing on a risk for someone else to deal with.

A Fast and Effective Two-Step Process
STEP 1: The Oil Solutions Step 1 Additive is a non-hazardous liquid formulated with a strong affinity for hydrocarbons and reacts within seconds when applied to a spill.

STEP 2: The Oil Solutions Step 2 Additive is also a non-hazardous liquid that is applied as a curing agent immediately following application of Oil Solutions Step 1 creating a solid residue.

Proven Results
The hydrocarbon is trapped (microencapsulated) into a solid silica matrix. By-products are 40-45% (by volume) solid silica residue and 55-60% water. Both the solid residue and the water achieve neutral pH. Residue is non-leachable, non-extractable and does not retain any of the encapsulated hydrocarbon characteristics.

TPH Analysis Results Eliminate the Risk of Hazardous Waste Handling with a True On-Site Remediation Solution The Oil Solution Additives are superior to solid absorbent solutions such as clay (Fuller’s Earth), silica, cellulose, corncobs, and polypropylene that require additional handling and add to the volume of hazardous materials. Compared to existing methods, significant cost savings can be realized and risks reduced in waste handling and disposal due to the non-hazardous nature of the resulting microencapsulated residue. Depending on the application,


Instructions for Use
Pour of Spray Oil Solutions STEP 1 on any kind of hydrocarbon spill; use a 1:1 ratio. Once entire spill is in contact with Step 1, apply Oil Solutions STEP 2. The original spill is now permanently encapsulated in the OIL SOLUTIONS patented “green” technology.

The end product quickly turns into a solid, non-hazardous white silica (sand) dust. This end product may remain on the spill site and potentially eliminate further clean-up or remediation costs or it can be easily swept away and disposed of. The microencapsulated residue is resistant to water penetration and leaching, and offeres impressive long-term stability.